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Our Story

Like many successful American businesses, Island Associates Real Estate, Inc. began in humble surroundings. “Back then,” remarked broker and founder, Roger Delisle, MBA, CCIM, “I thought it was an office building. Now I realize it was more like a double-sized garage.” 

Growing up with a Real Estate Attorney father, Delisle was exposed early to the importance and value of land (and its scarcity) on Long Island. He often spent time with his father’s clients, allowing him to become familiar with the business, vernacular and benefits of the commercial real estate industry. 

Delisle talks candidly about how he grew to learn everything he could about the real estate field. “My first transaction in the commercial field was approximately 25 years ago. I sold an old roller rink in West Babylon, later finding Genovese Drugs to fill the space. This introduced me to all the information I did not know yet: buildout, cost per square foot, etc.,” said Delisle.

Looking back on his company’s growth and success, Delisle talks often about persistence, commitment and challenging oneself. As the business grew into the large and airy space it occupies on busy Route 111 in Smithtown, NY today (a former IRS building), Delisle’s team stayed with him. “Some in my office have been with me over 20!” He goes on to say, “When we purchased our building, it confirmed my commitment to succeed and to never look back. Persistence, ignorance, ambition with an abundance of energy to grow with others are all components of my firm’s success.” 

The award-winning professionals at Island Associates Real Estate have been providing superior representation to the Long Island business community for nearly three decades. The past few years have seen growth throughout the East Coast, with successful transactions in Atlanta, Miami and more. 


Like Delisle, the team prides itself on their expertise, camaraderie and professionalism. They strive, in every communication and transaction, to create value and provide satisfaction in the completion of every deal. 

The team agrees with Delisle, when he says, “Never, never give up. Persistence and challenging oneself to bring the best out of yourself and all you encounter is the key to success. I am so fortunate to share the new developments we have underway. To work with others overcoming obstacles, making a property vibrant and alive and watching an ending become a new beginning is inspirational.”

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